As a demand driven outcome, members wanted to save money but did not know where and how. Providing a savings platform is what we do at CSMS while seeking to provide all the benefits that come along with it.


As we save our money, we have a committee that is purposed with growing the money. It is a critical service that we don’t take lightly. Our money must make us money rather than just sitting in a savings account somewhere.


The rainy days tend to come when unexpected. Members of CSMS will have the ability to get loans backed by their savings, guarantees from colleagues or otherwise at low interest rates. Borrowing from the bank is not the same like when you borrow from a club where you own shares. Each time you borrow you earn dividends as a shareholder so you keep paying yourself.


Savings are a path to growth and expansion. As we grow, knowledge is important. We plan to partner with other entities that can help support us in trainings for our members so as to keep improving on what we know so we can make better life and investment choices


Saving together gives us buying power. It is therefore planned that over time, we can be able to help members get assets they need at discount prices simply because we have the numbers and the money e.g. we can have members get ovens at discounted rates, land among others.