Membership to the savings club require you to save consistently and this, in turn, enables you to cultivate the discipline of saving frequently.

Currently, we are growing our savings before we can get into borrowing. However in the short term, we hope to open up Micro loans i.e. borrow up to 200k and return it with the month, this will be initiated within the system and one can get the money within an hour. However only those who have saved up at least 200k will be eligible.

Micro Loans: Can borrow without approval for quick needs up to 200k at 2.5% per month for 1 month. No guarantee necessary

By using Finhazi, you can Fund your Account Cheaply: At 2k, you can get money from your phone to the system, then have it go to your savings, buy shares etc.

Shareholders earn dividends on all income. Thus your dividend is matched by the number of shares. So the more shares you have the more earnings, while at the same time earning interest on the savings.

Yes, you can, any day. You can withdraw and close your account and your money will be given to you less any amounts that are owed by the club.

Loans: Yes, your money grows when we lend it out, you earn when you borrow and when others borrow. Interest rates of say 5% a month, with returns being shared by all members. Need Guarantors for loans. At least 2 members. Short term – 3 months

At the start, one pays 50k registration fees, and buys at least 5 shares at 10k each

To ensure discipline, one will be taxed 5,000 UGX in case one is overdue on your savings remittance. This is money that goes the club earnings and is shared out to all members.

When we make interest as club. You make interest on both your shares and savings. Those who have more shares will make more according to their shares then we will also share profits amongst all members who have saved.

One will be entitled to withdraw up to 30% of their savings once a year.

You can save for your children. This account is linked to yours. Will also earn interest and dividends. Also needs shares and monthly deposits of 50,000 UGX minimum.

Every end of year, members shall be given their profits and it will be up to them either to keep them in

January to December

Can withdraw once a year, up to 30% of your savings. This is to encourage savings and growing your money

For Registration: Fill out a form, available at

Each month, each member is expected to save at least one cake i.e. a Minimum of at least 100k but open ended. You can save any amount.

Each month you don’t send in your savings, there will be a penalty of 5k.

Every member is entitled to get their savings back once they decide to leave. No one will be held as a hostage.

At some point, members shall be able to trade shares by selling or buying from others. However, the values shall be determined and agreed on by the buyer or the seller but with a club premium.